there might be a discourse function of intonation which would merit investigation (see inter alia Couper-Kuhlen 1986).3 Brazil, Coulthard, and Johns's Discourse Intonation and Language Teaching (1980) was instrumental in bringing about this realization. All the functions of intonation work together and help to express the rich character of oral speech discourse, the so called ‘speech in action’, or ‘streaming speech’ (Cauldwell, 2013). Discourse Analysis Monograph No. One description links intonation meaning to attitude, another looks at grammar, and a third to discourse. Discourse Intonation in L2: From Theory and Research to Practice. It consists of four components: a theory, a set of categories & realisations, a notation, and transcription practice. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Functions of intonation. So while it will always be possible to find the (command, request). Functions of Intonation. [North American English]. Intonation in Text And Discourse: Beginnings, Middles, and Ends. ATTITUDINAL FUNCTION OF INTONATION How to express a certain attitude ? From the summary above it can be seen that the most function of intonation used in Pretty Woman film is attitudinal function. I agree with Maha - there is obviously a link between intonation and discourse. DISCOURSE FUNCTIONS OF INTONATION Discourse intonation, developed by Brazil (1925 – 1995) at the University of Birmingham, in collaboration with Sinclair and Coulthard, introduces four major features to locate the functions of intonation in speech. accentuation, and 19 items of discourse function (9 items of showing new information, and 10 items of indicating turn taking). Pronunciation Plus. It is so because the speakers employ their speech in various kinds of intonation to show their It conveys structure and meaning in an individual utterance, and it also contributes to the structuring and meaning of discourse. while, answers "Did you hear a man in the garden? known whether such a list would apply to other languages without alteration. 1985. term being used in other ways, a basic definition can be given as follows. xvii + 285. 1998. Hewings, M. & Goldstein, S. Discourse Intonation is an approach to the teaching and analysis of everyday speech. [1st Edition]. Pp. It consists of four components: a theory, a set of categories & realisations, a notation, and transcription practice. This paper provides information about intonation and it's functions. The process of communication cannot be performance without intonation as it has its own functions and components in a sentence. THE DISCOURSE FUNCTIONS OF INTONATION